Dr. Richard Sellen Offers Implant Restorations in San Jose

At the office of Dr. Richard D. Sellen, we provide reliable missing teeth replacement with implant-supported restorations to patients in San Jose. Missing teeth are detrimental to not only your smile’s aesthetic but your oral health as well. Implant restorations provide a permanent tooth replacement solution you can rely on.

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Replace Missing Teeth with Implant Restorations in San Jose

Benefits of Implant Restorations 

Dental implants and restorations provide a number of benefits for patients who are already missing teeth or require extraction for failing teeth. The primary benefit, however, is that patients obtain long-term health and stability, as dental implant posts support jaw health as well as the tooth replacement process. Jaw bones require tooth roots to be stimulated, and when teeth are lost they begin to recede. This leads to a prematurely aged appearance and gaps cause remaining teeth to shift, resulting in an unbalanced bite. Dental implants and restorations replace both the top of the tooth and the root, promoting bone regeneration and a stable bite. 

Available Restorations 

Dr. Richard Sellen provides a number of dental implant restorations to restore one to a full arch of missing teeth including:


Perfect for patients with one missing tooth, or multiple throughout the smile, these implant-supported crowns are fabricated out of tooth-colored porcelain. 


Unlike traditional bridges that utilize neighboring teeth that are fitted with a crown to act as support for the replacement tooth, implant-supported bridges replaces missing teeth on dental implant posts alone. Healthy teeth are not altered for crowns to be attached. 


As a tried-and-true solution for patients missing rows or full arches of teeth, dentures replace these teeth. However, with bone resorption, the jaw bone can shrink, requiring these prosthetics to be continuously re-adjusted to fit your changing structure. Implant-supported dentures, like bridges, utilize implant posts to support the prosthetic while still stimulating the growth and strength of your jaw bone for long-lasting teeth replacement. We provide fixed hybrid dentures, for a retained prosthetic that can be removed only by our San Jose dentist.

Implant-Supported Restorations in San Jose 

In order to determine your candidacy for dental implant placement, we perform a thorough consultation which allows patients to be informed of their care. During this appointment, we take x-rays for your smile and go through all of the options for teeth replacement and whether or not you are qualifying candidate. We then refer you to a local, trusted specialist for the implant placement procedure.

Depending on your need, we can provide a temporary restoration or flipper and send it to the oral surgery practice so you can have a full set of teeth after placement. This allows you to eat and speak comfortably until you are fully healed, which is when we provide your final restoration. 

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Dr. Sellen and the rest of our staff are dedicated to providing teeth replacement through implant-supported restorations, as this method is the best way to obtain a brand new smile. For more information about implant restorations, contact the San Jose practice of Dr. Richard Sellen today!