Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

Posted by Dr. Richard Sellen Jan 03,2023

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As we look ahead to the new year, it’s a time for reflection and goal setting. For many of us, this includes improving our dental health.

Here at the office of Richard D. Sellen, DDS, we are committed to helping you achieve your oral health goals in the upcoming year. We understand that proper dental care can be intimidating or inconvenient, so we strive to create an environment where patients feel comfortable and informed, while receiving quality service from our experienced team of professionals. We also offer convenient payment plans and financing options to make sure everyone has access to the care they need.

In addition to providing excellent preventative services such as cleanings, exams, and digital x-rays, we also provide restorative treatments like fillings, crowns, and bridges; orthodontic treatments including Invisalign®; cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening; implant surgery; periodontal therapy; and much more!

As you enter 2023 with renewed enthusiasm for your oral health journey, we’re here for you every step of the way!

Let us know how we can help make achieving your smile goals easier this coming year. Contact us today for more information about any of our services or special offers.

Happy New Year from all of us at Richard D. Sellen, DDS, wishing you a healthy, happy smile in 2023!

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