General Dentistry in San Jose, CA

General Dentistry

General dentistry refers to routine maintenance, including cleanings, checkups, and fillings. Most patients visit their general dentist at least twice yearly for cleanings and exams. The goal is to keep your teeth healthy and keep them from developing decay or disease. The treatments provided also help prevent issues that could become painful and require more intense treatment.

Routine visits at Richard D. Sellen, DDS, also allow you to discuss your oral health with your dentist and ask any questions about your oral health or upcoming procedures. This will enable you to become more educated about your care and feel more at ease when you visit the dentist’s office. Regular dental checkups are needed because prevention is the best way to achieve good oral health.

What Services are Included in General Dentistry?

At your dental checkup, you will receive an oral exam to check for any decay or disease in the teeth and surrounding tissues. The dentist will also check your gums for signs of infection. If any issues are found, the dentist will suggest a treatment plan. These treatments may include restorative procedures like fillings, root canals, bridges, and crowns. Other common treatments include periodontal therapy, deep cleaning, and extractions. Some patients need orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusions and crooked teeth. With regular visits to your dentist’s office, you can ensure optimal oral health for years to come. This will help you not only maintain healthy teeth and gums but also maintain a healthy smile! Your dentist can also help you develop a good at-home oral hygiene routine to achieve your best smile between office visits consistently.

The Benefits Of General Dentistry Treatment

Maintaining Healthy Teeth

General dentistry treatments focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating common oral complications like tooth decay or gum disease. Patients of all ages can benefit from having routine general dentistry checkups and cleanings. These appointments allow our dentists to identify early signs of oral health issues so patients can promptly get the care they need. Regular preventive dental care significantly reduces the risk of advanced oral disease. Additionally, our patients benefit from early intervention for most dental problems.

Stopping Gum Disease Before It Starts

When tartar builds up on your teeth, the gums can become irritated and inflamed. This can lead to gingivitis, which can cause damage to your gums and supporting bone structure. Luckily, general dentistry treatment can stop this progression before it gets too far. In addition to cleaning your teeth and gums and removing plaque, your dentist will also recommend a personalized hygiene plan for you to follow at home.

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